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The 3 Big lies of the Spanish Learning Industry

Updated: Mar 27

Students ask us, “Why is SpanishXperts different from others?” The answer is simple: because everyone else tries at all costs to deviate from the shortest and safest path; one which already exists: GRAMMAR. They are trying to convince you to pay them to take you on a new secret shortcut that they claim to know. We like to call those miraculous methods “Snake Oil Spanish Methods.”

Think about what others offer to provide with their miraculous methods. Snake Oil methods blatantly promise you illogical and false things such as:

  • Learn Spanish naturally as a native of the language (...with total children...intuitively, etc.).

  • Learn Spanish in a short time (with decreasingly ridiculous variants such as one week, one month, 24 hours, etc.).

  • Learn Spanish without grammar, without boring repetition or boring exercises.

Do some of these ridiculous promises sound familiar to you?

Unfortunately, most of these promises lack any scientific, pedagogical or logical basis to support their claims.

Let's cut through the lies

Let us use another analogy to illustrate why these miraculous promises don't work and to present what experts in education, psychology, and learning sciences say about how humans learn. These sciences are devoted to researching and answering why and how we learn, to perfect our teaching-learning techniques so that we can teach and learn more effectively and efficiently. But let's continue with our analogy.

Let us compare a beginner Spanish student with a self-defense student; here you can imagine a boxer, a mixed martial arts fighter, or any martial arts fighter you prefer. We will use these examples to show you why Spanish schools can sound extremely ridiculous compared to other schools in any discipline.

Let’s say that someone in the industry, be it a school, an instructor, an app or a book, tells you something like: “The best way to learn a language is with total immersion from day one”. Sounds logical, right? And it seems like a good idea, right? But is it true? Imagine that a boxing gym comes up with the brilliant idea of ​​promoting their classes like this:

  • “Learn to box intuitively, fighting from day one with real champions.”

  • “Learn the most sophisticated boxing techniques without boring drills and without ever practicing a single punch.”

  • “Become a professional boxer in less than three months.”

Suppose you fell into the trap, and you arrive at your first boxing class and your instructor tells you: “Put on your gloves and start fighting this local champion, but don't worry, I will correct your technique while you’re fighting with him”. Now ask yourself this:

  • What do you think is going to happen to you? Not only in the first fight, but in the next fights following this new novel method of training. Maybe after a lot of KOs and concussions, you will start to learn a bit.

  • How long do you think it will be until you win a fight? How long do you think it will be until you learn to fight like a champion? Do you think that in three months you will be ready? Or even worse, how long will it be before you throw in the towel?

  • What would have happened if you had at least learned the basic rules, some basic punches, basic defense, and fundamental techniques?

Well, that's exactly what happens in any Spanish class which promises that you will learn in ridiculously short times, without learning any rules or exercises, and in full immersion as a native speaker from day one.

And worst of all, the students who have survived all those unnecessary battles always come to us full of mistakes, bad habits, and horrible gaps in their learning. We know they did what they could with the poor tools they were given, and they survived, but at what cost and how good were their results?

The answer is clear: SpanishXperts is the best option for those looking to learn Spanish in the best and most effective way. With SpanishXperts, you will learn the building blocks of the language, the grammar and the fundamentals to speak, read, and write Spanish fluently. Don't wait any longer, join us and start speaking Spanish today! #SpanishXperts #AprenderEspañol #HablaEspañol

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