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Level Zero Course | Sundays 9:00am CST

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Are you interested in learning Spanish but don't know where to start? This course is perfect for you! In this course, you will learn the basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary, as well as how to pronounce Spanish words correctly. We will cover the following topics: ✅Class 1: First Basic Concepts ✔ The Vowels ✔ Tips to Improve Your Pronunciation ✔ The Consonants ✔ Common Phrases in Spanish 🇪🇸 ✅ Class 2: Solid Noun Constructions ✔ ¿What is a Noun? ✔ How to Form Plural Nouns in Spanish? ✔ Regular Plural Formation ✔ Nouns Ending in “-s” in the Singular ✔ Nouns Ending in “-z” in the Singular ✔ How to Know the Gender of a Spanish Noun? ✔ How Do We Know If a Word is Masculine or Feminine in Spanish? ✔ How Do Native Spanish Speakers Remember the Gender? ✔ Determinants or Modifiers of the Noun ✔ Mucho vs. Muchos ✅Class 3: 👫 Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives ✔ Subject Pronouns ✔ How Do You Say “You” in Spanish? ✔ What is a Possessive Adjective? ✅Class 4: Numeral Adjectives & Prepositions ✔ Numbers as Adjectives ✔ How Do We Use Cardinal Numbers in Spanish? ✔ How Do We Use Ordinal Numbers in Spanish? ✔ What is a Preposition? ✔ How Do We Use Prepositions in Spanish? ✔ Practice 3 Common Prepositions: “En”, “De” & “A” We will use a combination of English and Spanish instruction to make sure that you understand the material. We will also provide plenty of opportunities for practice, so you can put your new skills to the test. This course is for total beginners, so no prior knowledge of Spanish is required. All you need is a pen and paper and a willingness to learn! Sign up today and start your journey to fluency in Spanish! Benefits of taking this course: ➡️Learn the basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary ➡️Learn how to pronounce Spanish words correctly ➡️Practice your Spanish with other learners ➡️Gain confidence in your ability to speak Spanish ➡️Have fun and learn a new language! What to expect: ➡️Clear and concise explanations of Spanish grammar and vocabulary ➡️Plenty of opportunities for practice ➡️A supportive and encouraging learning environment Who should take this course? ➡️Anyone who is interested in learning Spanish ➡️Beginners who want to learn the basics of Spanish grammar and vocabulary ➡️People who want to improve their pronunciation ➡️People who want to practice their Spanish with other learners Sign up today and start your journey to Learn Spanish!

Cancellation Policy

Private Class: Cancellations & Rescheduling As a sign of mutual respect of each other’s time and commitment, both instructors and students should keep rescheduling to a minimum. If either must reschedule a class, he/she must provide at least a 24-hour notice and process the cancellation via the booking system. The system automatically accepts the cancellation or rescheduling if the student requests it on time. If an instructor cancels a class on the same day (less than 24-hour notice), she/he will have to provide a make up class for the missed class AND compensate her/his student with an additional FREE class (of equal time length) to be scheduled via the booking system using a coupon code provided by the administration or the instructor or added to the students class package. If a student cancels a class on the same day (less than 24-hour notice), such class will count as given to compensate instructor for his/her time. If students needs o interrupt his/her classes, teacher and office must be notified to put classes on hold. If instructor needs to interrupt his/her classes, student and office must be notified in order for a new instructor to be assigned. All rescheduling must be done directly on the booking system, if any abuse is detected by either party, please contact the office at: Group class size At a brick and mortar location, the group class size ranges between two students to eight students. Via online is 1 to 4 students maximum. Spanish Live Online reserves the right to cancel group courses for which only one student is registered. Students registered in a canceled course will be duly notified and may choose to either receive a full refund or transfer to another course. Instructors and class groups Instructors are assigned to their classes prior to the beginning of the course. Spanish Live Online reserves the right to reassign instructors before or after a course has started if needed. Attendance Attendance is the student’s responsibility. It is recommended that a student contact his/her teacher for homework in the case of an absence. We recommend to book a make up class by signing up for private class by contacting Registration/Payment Payment for registration may be made, debit or major credit cards. Full payment must be received prior to the first class of private or group classes. Preferably students will register for classes online via PayPal. Refunds Any refund request is handled by our accounting department by email only (no calls). Telephone or in person requests are not accepted. To request a full refund, please send a written request by email to no later than three days after the day of registration (Texas State 3-Day Right To Cancel Law) – provided the class has not started. If request is presented more than 3 days after registration or after class starting date, no refund will be available and student will have an open credit for the balance paid to be used later (no more than 12 months). In the event that students will not be able to use the open balance, they may transfer it to a third party. Make Up Classes & Transfers It is possible to switch group courses before the starting date. We require a minimum 48-hour notice. Afterwards there will be a $20 fee required to transfer registration to another group class. Cancellations Of Group Classes Spanish Live Online reserves the right to cancel classes and workshops, and change teachers during sessions if necessary without advanced notice. Courses are sometimes cancelled due to insufficient enrollment (less than 2 students). If your course is cancelled, you will be notified by telephone and/or email and given the option to transfer to another class or to receive a full refund. Updating Policies Spanish Live Online reserves the right to update these policies as it deems necessary. If you have any questions or comments per our policies, please contact us via the comment section below.

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9064 Pampano Avenue, Los Fresnos, TX, USA

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